Stupid PC

Well I know officially hate my PC.  Im currently using my old 1GHz PC, which I had luckily setup on my KVM switch a few months ago but just hadn’t used, cos my main PC gave me a BSOD yesterday and just won’t boot now. To make it worse, I can’t find my restore CDs …


Well I didn’t get that IT Systems Administrator job, which I was kinda expecting anyway, but t’is a shame as that sounds like it would have been quite a good job. Nevermind, I’ve still got my interview next friday to look forward to and then my big old annual piss-up, otherwise known as my birthday …


I had a job interview on Monday, to be a IT Systems Administrator which would be kinda cool to get, make me sound important.  I dunno when I’ll hear back, but no doubt I’ll post on here. Well I dunno if anyone actually cares or if anyone’s actually reading this, but in the time that …

Extra Tools

Now I’m done with college, I’ve started coding Extra Tools, a plugin for Messenger Plus! to add some extra things to Messenger. I’ve got the first few almost there now so its going well.I’ll post here when there’s more progress.

I Got My Grade!

I’ve been back to college to see what Grade I got for my last 2 years work and I got DDM (Distinction Distinction Merit) which I’m pleased with, the 2nd highest I could get. Now lets hope the jobs start rolling in! Yea right.