The weekend is nearly upon us 😀  Can’t wait.  This weeks gone fast though, which is nice.  Only 2 more hours of work, then I’m done 😀   Have to go play FreeCell for a bit to make the time go by 😛

Black Rat

Went to skittles again last night, was a good laugh, had a few mates there as some people couldn’t make it.  Played at some social club where it was really cheap, £1.75 for a pint of Black Rat 😛   Lovely strong cider, with a bit of an acquired taste to it.  We were all drinking …

Random Drinking

I really need to cut down on my drinking, I never thought I’d say it, but I’m drinking too much.  I went out till 1 on thursday, drinking all nite, but had an excuse, it was a mates birthday.  Was nice and tired at work on friday.  Popped in pub after work yesterday but ended …

Stupid Hacker

I know it’s old and prob been seen before, but I just found this again and it make me chuckle.  I can’t believe someone could actually be that stupid! Worlds Worst Hacker