GoW – Particles

This game sounds very easy in theory, avoid hitting the balls my moving your mouse about. Easy it is, at first, it does get more dificult as more and more balls are added! Particles

What A Weekend!!

Well certainly won’t be forgetting that weekend in a hurry!  It was mental!  Some welsh kids started a fight my us on the fight night and smashed a glass bottle on my mates head!  As you can imagine, a little bit of blood! I kinda doubt we’ll get our deposit back, as between the 14 …

GoW – D-Fence 2

This is a classic, used to play it all the time at college. Wasn’t quite as fun once we’d got to the end, but then we just used to try and see how much carnage we could cause! It’s great fun. D-Fence 2

Quiz Winners

Went to the pub last night (what a surprise :P) ,  joined in the quiz they’ve started doing on a Tuesday.  Cut a long story short, we won! We were joint 1st but won it on the tie-breaker!  How long is the Great Wall of China – I didn’t have a clue so guessed 1,223 …

Mr Moo Again

I just did a search for Mr Moo on Google and Mr Moo’s Shrine came in the 6th Position! WooHoo! The position varies across Google’s servers, as I have got other people to search and they’ve seen it in 5th! and 10th! Hopefully all the other servers will update to position 5 soon! Then I …

Quiet Weekend

I think I have just broken a world record, I stayed home Thursday, Friday AND Saturday night!  That might not seem much, but it’s got to be at least a year since I’ve stayed in for a whole weeked and not gone out! It was certainly a quiet weekend, I went out for a bit …

Mr Moo – SEO Test Update

Well it’s day 10 of the Mr Moo challenge, and Mr Moo is currently at position 13, according to GoogleRankings.com 😀 20 days and 8 Google positions to go!