AppFresh – Anything Similar for Windows?

I found a really useful OS X App at work earlier, called AppFresh, it scans your applications folder and checks online software databases to see if you have the latest updates installed and downloads them for you if not.  Can save loads of time! Anyone know of anything similar for Windows?

Dempsey being Random in Pub

Amy said I should put this here, dunno why she was recording me, but never mind. Not very interesting, was funny at the time. Not sure what I’m going on about, but never mind 😛

Got My Wii!

Wooo!  I got my Nintendo Wii today 😀  Bloke I work with got it for me. It’s always a good plan to buy a new games console when you’re saving for a new car, got no money and are £900 overdrawn!! 😛 Silly, silly Dempsey.  Never mind, should be fun 😛   Gonna finish work …

New Logo Designs

I was thinking about getting some more logos designed at, where I got the Stealthy Surfer logo made. But I was going through the feeds in Google Reader and found an interesting post by Mark about getting cheap logo designs. I had to finish my registration at the Digital Point Forums, which luckily I’d …

GoW – Silversphere

Can’t remember how I found this one, but it kept me a amused for a while the other day. I got stuck on level 6 I think, then I gave up. Can anyone else do any better? EDIT:  Got to level 11 now, after EllyJelly helped me with level 6 😛 Silversphere

Useful Website – wikiHow

Just thought I’d share a useful website I found the other day, wikiHow.  Its a user-editable site full of how-tos about pretty much anything!  Obviously I’ve not read all of the site, but from what I have seen looks quite good.