Adam Dempsey in Google Top 10 Twice!

I just found out that not only is 2nd in Google for the keywords ‘Adam Dempsey’, but is in the top 10 as well!!Β  It’s positioned at number 8! I know there’s not millions of other Adam Dempsey’s so it’s not hugely amazing, but I’m certainly impressed πŸ˜€

6th in Pub Quiz

Went to the weekly pub quiz last night, just me and a few mates, we come 6th! πŸ˜€ woo! Were some random questions and we did have to guess a few, but we were impressed with the result! Yes, there were only 6 teams πŸ˜›

Server Downtime

Sorry if anyone noticed any downtime on my sites the last hour or so, had to be brought down so the secondary backup drive could be replaced, was faulty.Β  Everything should be back to normal now πŸ™‚

GoW – Frost Bite

This is a simple little game, you just get to the end collecting things on your way. Kept me amused for a while! Frost Bite

Best Adsense Day Ever!

Yesterday was my best day on Adsense ever! I made $78 so pretty much Β£40 πŸ™‚ Whoop!! Wouldn’t complain if I made that everyday πŸ˜›

A Dempsey Lost

So yea Cheif whatever is was didn’t win πŸ™Β  never mind. I tried placing another bet in the 3.15 but the site was misbehaving and wouldn’t let me so I gave up, wish i tried again now though, the horse I was gonna bet on came 1st!!Β  Would of won Β£50 πŸ™ never mind πŸ˜›

Lost a Stone!

Wooo! I’ve lost a stone since Jan πŸ˜€ I’m well chuffed!! Plenty more to go, but it’s a good start πŸ™‚