Win A Bloggers Wage?

I was just going through my list of 450+ unread feed posts after not reading them since last week because of being at Blackpool, when an intersting post caught my eye. Courtney Tuttle is running a very unique contest.  If you can guess how much his site is going to make in May, within $1, …

Technorati Rank: 226,472

After less than a week of posting abouting getting into the top 500,000 blogs, I have now just got into the top 250,000!   😀 I know it’s still really rubbish, but I’m chuffed, especially about how quick it happened! 😀

New Theme

I guess you can tell, but I’ve just installed a new theme for the blog, about time 😛 I’ve left it for now but I’m prob going to edit it a bit, but I’ll do that later.

Alphabet Soup

Bit of a cryptic post title there, but didn’t know what else to title it 😛 Just randomly decided to find out which websites own each letter of the alphabet, according to the main search engines. The results I had to do through a proxy, as even though I was logged out it still …

In Technorati 500,000

Ok I know it’s rubbish and is still ridicuoulsy high, but I’m well chuffed 😀 About a week ago it was just under a million! But because of the 30th Top Earner? post on Paula Neal Mooneys Blog, I’ve got some new backlinks 😀 Thanks Paula 🙂 Next targets: 250,000 and 50 backlinks 😀