Alphabet Soup

Bit of a cryptic post title there, but didn’t know what else to title it 😛

Just randomly decided to find out which websites own each letter of the alphabet, according to the main search engines.

The results I had to do through a proxy, as even though I was logged out it still returned UK specific result becuase of my IP I guess.

Letter Google Google Suggest Yahoo MSN/Live
A W3C- Links in HTML documents (source) Amazon (source) Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E) (source) (source)
B Physical Review B (source) Bebo (source) B – Wikipedia (source) B – Wikipedia (source)
C C (programming language) – Wikipedia (source) craigslist (source) (source) COBIT (source)
D D – Wikipedia (source) (source) (source) Urban Dictionary: Browse D (source)
E E! Online (source) eBay (source) E! Online (source) E! Online (source)
F Fahrenheit (source) Facebook (source) FAO Schwarz (source) F – Wikipedia (source)
G Gmail (source) Google (source) General Nutrition Centers (GNC) (source) Google (source)
H Hydrogen – Wikipedia (source) Hotmail (source) Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) (source) Urban Dictionary: Browse H (source)
I iTunes (source) IMDb (source) iTunes (source) MusicJesus – Music Video Codes (source)
J Jsoftware (source) (source) J&R Music and Computer World (source) J – Wikipedia (source)
K K – Wikipedia (source) Kelley Blue Book (source) K&N Engineering (source) K – Wikipedia (source)
L L – Wikipedia (source) (source) L.L.Bean (source) L – Wikipedia (source)
M M (1931) – IMDb (source) MySpace (source) M&M’s (source) M – Wikipedia (source)
N The N (source) Next (2007) – IMDb (source) The N (source) N – Wikipedia (source)
O Oxygen – Wikipedia (source) orkut (source) Cirque du Soleil: O (source) Google (source)
P P paragraph HTML 4.01 Strict – (source) Photobucket (source) eHealthInsurance (source) Urban Dictionary: Browse P (source)
Q Q4music (source) The Quotations Page (source) Q Magazine (source) Q (James Bond) – Wikipedia (source)
R The R Project (source) RuneScape (source) REI – Recreational Equipment, Inc. (source) R – Wikipedia (source)
S Sulfur – Wikipedia (source) (source) S.W.A.T. (2003) – IMDb (source) Hoovers (source)
T AT&T (source) Target (source) AT&T (source) T: Summary for AT&T INC. – Yahoo! Finance (source)
U U – Wikipedia (source) YouTube (source) U.S. Bank (source) U – Wikipedia (source)
V V for Vendetta (2005) – IMDb (source) Verizon (source) V – (source) V for Vendetta (source)
W Starwood Hotels & Resorts (source) Wikipedia (source) W Hotels (source) (source)
X X.Org Foundation (source) X Tube (source) Armani Exchange (source) X.Org Foundation (source)
Y Yahoo! Mail (source) YouTube (source) Yahoo! (source) Y – Wikipedia (source)
Z Z – Wikipedia (source) USPS – ZIP Code Lookup (source) Nissan 350Z Official Site (source) Z – Wikipedia (source)

I think the most interesting so far is the letter E, with all three search engines returning the same result!

I was expecting more Wikipedia entries than there were, but seems to favour it the most.

P.S. I think this is my biggest post ever 😛

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