Black Rat

Went to skittles again last night, was a good laugh, had a few mates there as some people couldn’t make it.  Played at some social club where it was really cheap, £1.75 for a pint of Black Rat :P   Lovely strong cider, with a bit of an acquired taste to it.  We were all drinking it so ended up shouting out quite a bit and putting all the players off, but never mind 😛

So I was expecting to do pretty crap, especially after doing well last week, but started off with a 7, which I was chuffed with.  Followed it up with a 6, by then we were ahead on total score by about 20-odd pins, so we won the first two legs.

We lost the 3rd leg, even though I lobbed the ball down as fast as I could and knocked down 8 pins in one shot, nearly hit the kids sticking up with flying skittles!  Just before I got up to play, I put my pint down and cider splashed in my eye.  So think my eye must of been pissed, got me my best score of the night, so maybe I should try that again!  Missed on the next two balls, but I was chuffed with a 8.  Can’t remember what I got in the last leg, 7 I think, but didn’t matter really, we won that leg and the whole game, final score 8-2  😀

We won the Beer Leg too, which was weird, we only ever seem to win one of the game or beer leg, never both 😛   So yea overall I was the highest scorer of the night!   Dunno how the hell that happened, but i was happy.  Might have to drink Black Rat more often!

Black Rat

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