So back in June there was a fire while the roof of the pub I live above was being repaired and in short the whole building was destroyed. Obviously I got out (unless I’m writing this as a ghost ooooohhh) as did everyone else which is obviously the most important thing.

Less than an hour after the fire started the entire second floor (including my flat) had gone, it was very weird to watch pretty much every possession you’ve ever owned go up in smoke (literally!).

Most of the stuff I had in the flat can be replaced but there are lots of things that will be harder to find but I should eventually (if I want to get them again that is, I had been saying for quite a while I needed to declutter but this was a slightly extreme way of doing it!) such as the limited edition Kraken bottles released each year which I had the full set of or the orignal promotional The Streets lighters released for each album.

But then there is the stuff that I can’t replace which is a bit more upsetting, things like the t-shirts from when I left primary and secondary school that my friends signed or the tickets from almost all of the comedy and music gigs I’ve ever been to.

But at the end of the day, as upsetting/annoying/insert emotion here it is to think about the things I’ve lost it’s all just stuff and human life is a tad harder to replace than that.

Bit of advice I’d give that I’ve learned during this – Every 6 months / once a year record a video on your phone for each room in your house, capturing everything in there, open drawers and cupboards etc and film in there too. It will make it one hell of a lot easier if you ever need to write a full inventory for insurance purposes!

I did a couple of interviews on the local TV news programmes (Yes I wore the same t-shirt for both, I didn’t have mant new ones yet) so I am now providing an autograph service 🙂

Also just want to thank all of the friends and family for the massive support I’ve recieved (as well as from complete strangers!) in whatever form it was, wether it be money to help me replace things I needed straight away, clothes (never liked clothes shopping, except for comedy t-shirt obviously) or messages of support and offers for a room to stay.

I had an incredible amount of money donated (over £14,500 altogether!) which after spending some amounts on basic supplies, the chunk of it is going to be put away whilst I’m sorting out my finances and long term will go towards a deposit for my own place (becoming a grown up? maybe not).

Finally whilst it was my home, beneath the flat was The Owl (The pub I’m Director of) and the Social Centre, which was a massive part of every Bromham person’s life with everything going on there from Christenings and Birthday parties to Weddings and Wakes, let alone all of the village clubs and groups that used it. In the time since the fire a temporary building has been installed and the demolition has completed, it looks very odd seeing the flat space the building used to be! The building will be back in a few years and will obviously be modernised to support Bromham people for generations to come!

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