How I Increased My Traffic by 500%

Well this isn’t the normal sort of post you’d expect from a title like this, but I still thought I’d share.

After I mentioned that I’d seen a trailer for the Simpsons Movie in my
Trip to Cinema + Spider Pig! post, I decided to try and find a audio clip of the Spider Pig section that I could use on my phone as a ringtone or message tone etc.

After a look on the internet didn’t return anything, I decided to extract the audio from the trailer and fire up Audacity to make the clip myself. I thought I may a well share it, which I did:
The Simpsons Movie – Spider Pig Clip Download.

After two days, my traffic increased by 500% by Simpsons fans eager to find the Spider Pig audio to use a ringtones and stuff! Mostly from Google but also from a few referers, but I did hope it would bring in some backlinks as well as traffic, but never mind.

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