Useful Tools: NetDrive + Visual Subst

Mapped drives in Windows can be very useful if you often connect to networked drives. At work I have our IT folder mapped so I can quickly access it.

I have found some software which adds to this idea by allowing you to add your own mapped drives, but to a folder or ftp site.

NetDrive is a freeware application from Novell, once installed you tell it some ftp details, a drive letter and then it logs in and away you go, a mapped drive to a ftp site!
The application sites in the system tray, but once a drive is setup, you can quit the main application and if you set to auto-reconnect, you will only need to open it again if you want to add another drive.

NetDrive - Mapped FTP Drives

The second program is just a front end gui for the DOS command subst, so it’s no surprise that it’s called Visual Subst. It lets you make a virtual mapped drive from a folder. It’s even simple to use than NetDrive.

Visual Subst Screenshot


Download NetDrive

Download Visual Subst

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