2020 – What a fucking year!!

I had it pretty lucky where the worst I had it is some annoyance because some social events like comedy gigs and nights out were postponed or cancelled but for others this was the worst year of their lives!

Not really a lot more to say as everyone knows how hard this year has been but it’s a long way to go until we’re “back to normal” yet.

I keep hearing people saying they can’t wait for 2021 as if COVID-19 is going to turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight and we’ll return to the way life used to be but we’re going to be in this situation for a good while yet unfortunately.

This is the only post I’ve managed to add this year, 90% because I’m lazy/forgetful but 10% because I’ve not had anything interesting to write about because feels like I’ve barely done anything all year!

Fingers crossed that on the whole 2021 is a better year! It surely can’t get worse at least (hopefully not famous last words!).

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