Half a Life

My first post of 2018 and it’s nearly over!

16 years, or half of my life ago I walked into a room with a Doctor and my parents to see them both crying so I knew it wasn’t good news!

I was told I had ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) and chemotherapy was going to start the following week.

It was a Friday and I think it was Children In Need night but other than that I don’t remember much else from that day (I blame chemo brain, but more likely alcohol brain!).

Fast forward three years and I had finished my treatment and could then start to live a ‘normal’ life (I’m not even going to pretend I was normal to start with).

I could fill this post with clichés but the experience definitely has had an impact on my life, I 100% value time spent and experiences with family and friends over anything you can buy (which is why I spend all of my money on seeing comedians and rum rather than proper grown up adult stuff like saving for a house, whoops!).

So yea, another year and another post I feel a bit obliged to post, but the day certainly does make me recollect and realise quite how lucky I am!  I do joke a hell of a lot, often in times when I really shouldn’t but I am one of the lucky ones, I know and I’m sure everyone knows someone who isn’t/wasn’t quite so lucky, so to throw one of those good ol’ clichés out there, live life to the full!

Ended up just rambling as usual, have actually posted some proper posts about this on previous leukaemiaversaries (what do you mean it’s not a word?!?) if you’re interested:

Hello 2017

I know we’re now in April but it’s my first post this year so Hello!

Decided it was about time I sorted this out a bit, so have finally updated all of the old links still pointing to demp.se/y (which I no longer own, renewal fees kept increasing).

Image links are all still broken at the moment, need to see if I can dig out an old backup to sort those.

I managed 1 post in 2016 (Interactive TV Advertising) and I don’t expect 2017 will be much better!

Partly because I don’t have a lot to say and when I do I use Twitter and Facebook instead, which obviously weren’t about when I first created a blog (which was nearly 12 years ago according to my first post!).

So yea, we’ll wait and see how much (if at all) I post during the rest of 2017!

Au revoir

Interactive TV Advertising

I was watching TV earlier when an advert for an iOS App appeared (I forget what it was now). 

It made me realise that there is no interaction between what we see on our Televisions screens and the computers in our hands, aka our Smartphones. 

It’s 2016 so I should be able to watch an advert, pick up my phone and it knows what advert I’ve just seen and allow me to download the app, purchase the product or view the website etc. 

I see it as a list of previously viewed adverts, maybe just for the current advert break, each with the name of the advertiser, product, brief description then an action link. This link would vary depending on the type of product being advertised. 

Some examples based on adverts I’ve seen recently:

  • Advert for Clash of Clans – Would link to the App Store (or open the app if already installed). 
  • Advert for Go Compare Insurance Comparison – Would open the website (or the app if they have one and is installed). 
  • Advert for Spectre on DVD – Would open a competitive list of retailers with the product on sale, affiliate links allowing some money to be made back from the process. 

The list could go on and on, every advert could at least open a website if there is no applicable action such as Purchasing the product.  

Advertisers would love it as they should get more interaction with their potential customers as it’s much easier for them to do so, plus would be able to get anonymous numbers on how many people have clicked through on which of their adverts, giving them much more feedback than traditional advertising gives. 

I guess it would have to be something made by either the TV manufacturer if using built in FreeView or the set top box maker if using YouView or Sky etc although it would obviously also need input from the channel itself as the advert would need some form of metadata paired up with the timings of the advert. 

It would take a lot of work, from a lot of different groups of people, but would it be worth it? All it would save is having to type a few words into your App Store or web browser, but who doesn’t like a streamlined, easier process?

I suppose in a world where Netflix is gaining more and more popularity and Apple is continually rumoured to bring an update to the Apple TV to allow per channel subscriptions maybe we’re past the time and place for this sort of development?

Maybe this already exists and I’ve missed it, but if not why hasn’t anyone done it yet?

Leukaemia Day – 13 Years On

Being diagnosed with Leukaemia isn’t something a lot of people would probably celebrate the date of (but then I’ve never been normal, anyone who knows me will agree!) but for me I like to think about how lucky I am to be on the other side of it. 

13 years is a long time ago now, don’t remember a lot of the details any more (wish I’d kept a diary at the time!) but it’s not a time in my life I’ll ever forget.  

Also being that long ago there are a lot of people in my life that I didn’t know at the time so they don’t know about it. I’ve used many stories to explain the scars over the years, the one in my neck is most commonly a shark bite!  If it ever comes up in conversation though I tend to avoid talking about it, not because I feel uncomfortable or upset but I just find it boring to talk about and there are many many many more interesting things to chat about!

A lot of the nurses often commented on my upbeat attitude towards it all, but I never saw the point of getting depressed or upset and all why me blah blah. It’s happening, may as well just get on with it and take the piss/makes some jokes as we go along. Some would say that’s using as humour as a coping mechanism, best way to go I say!

I often wonder how different my life would be if the whole situation never happened. I don’t think much would be different really, other than it really did show me how amazing friends and family can be when you really need them and I’ll never forget that (well I probably will with my terrible memory but you know what I mean). 

I also just like to remind myself that some Leukaemia/Cancer stories do have an happy ending, so fuck you cancer!

If you are bored I’ve written some other posts on leukaemia day over the years:

12 Years

I always get a bit recollectional (I don’t care if it’s not a word, I’m using it), particularly on 15th November.

12 years ago I was told I had Leukemia (still struggle to spell that!) and the following 3 + 1/2 years wasn’t the avarge life of a 16-19 year old with trips in and out of hospital etc.

But that’s all over and done with now, 8 years since chemo I think now, so that’s all good!

That’s about it really, just almost want to mark the occasion for some reason.

Fuck You Cancer! (I know technically it wasn’t cancer, but Fuck You Leukemia just doesn’t seem as catchy)

That phrase reminded me of this clip from the brilliant Adam Hills

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10 Years Ago and 5 Years Ago Today Changed My Life!

Hello 2014

After 2 years I’ve resurrected my blog again (lost count of how many times now)

Not sure how much I’ll post these days, as use Twitter (a lot) to post the random crap in my head instead.

Quite a lot has happened since the last post, seen one or two (read: about 20/30) comedians and probably drunk enough to kill a horse, multiple times.

Weekend of Comedy

I’ve had a busy weekend, Thursday night I went to see Ross Noble in Bristol, was as random as ever!  Was surprised how many empty seats there was because of the weather and about 50 people walked in late, so they would of been quite confused at some of the jokes setup at the beginning of the show!  That was the 4th time I’ve seen Ross, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

Friday night I went to Bournemouth to see Frankie Boyle, had been waiting a while, having bought the tickets last November!  The warm up act was Craig Campbell, a brilliant Candadian comedian I’ve seen on Russell Howards Good News before so I knew he’d be good.  After 20 minutes of Craig then a short interval we were down to Business with Frankie and my stomach was hurting from laughing so much by the end of the night!

We finished the night by going out for a few drinks so all in all it was a brilliant weekend!  Looking forward to a quieter one this week!


Seann Walsh

Went to Bristol last night to see Seann Walsh, was brilliant show!

I won the tickets last month in an Ents24 competition but for some reason I thought it was for Decemer somewhen, luckily I randomly thought to check last week and realised it was only a few days away.

He was on for just over an hour and there wasn’t many times I didn’t seem to be laughing!

I’d seen a couple of bits before but I think that must of been from the Comedy Gala.

My favourite bit was him talking about going out binge drinking with his mates ending up on jäger bombs when you only plan on going out for a quiet drink, found that scarily similar to me!

Definitely recommend going to see him if you get the chance.