Adam was arrested for….

  • Adam was arrested for terrorizing the school and carrying an illegal weapon. He spent four nights in jail.
  • Adam was arrested for attempting to steal a car on one of their escapades. For that he received a few months probation.
  • Adam was arrested for selling mushrooms after a bizarre chain of events [still unclear on the details to this day].
  • Adam was arrested for “physically abusing” policemen outside a night-club in the City. The police are still on the lookout for Judith, Bidapa’s wife.
  • Adam was arrested for possession and transportation of drugs, felony hit and run, and for driving under the influence while causing personal injuries.
  • Adam was arrested for public intoxication at 180 East Franklin.
  • Adam was arrested for stripping in a cafe.
  • Adam was arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to twelve years in prison. He completed his. sentence and was put on parole.
  • Adam was arrested for selling drugs. The federals took his case and he became an informant.

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  1. Sunny is the one that broke Jeena’s nose 6 months prior, thats when SUNNY was arrested for credit card fraud. There is no GOOD or EVIL twin–they were both having difficulty adjusting to adulthood — and constantly needing security.

    Jeeena borrowed Sunny’s car while Sunny was in Jail and Sunny called the police and this landed Jeena in Jail for another 6 months plus a felony charge.

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