April Earnings

Another month has been and gone.  Another month’s earnings to share.  The total amount was…. $1,139.40 :D  So to me thats about £560 🙂

April earnings were down quite a bit from last month, need to look into this and find out why.  I also haven’t really done anything at all that I had planned with my news sites, don’t know where all the time went!

6 Replies to “April Earnings”

  1. Hah… you might be down, but i still didn’t beat you :(. This month was $1,004.32 for me. And $829.54 when you don’t count the parts that go to other persons for helping out. But hey, this was my first month ever above the magical 1000! :D.

    Do you share a part of that (with people who help you create/manage your sites), or is the $1,139.40 all yours?

  2. Congrats 😀 And Double Congrats for hitting the $1000 mark 🙂

    Yea I have to share some of it out actually, forgot that, so my actual cut is bit less than that. Then I have server bill etc to pay for.

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