Busy Weekend – Only a Few Drinks

So busy weekend, probably a lot more alcohol in 3 days drunk than I should have in a month!  I didn’t finish work till 7pm, when I’m normally done by half 5, so had to call straight into pub on way home for a chill out pint.  Then went out later for my mates 22st.  Had a good few pints, then onto the vodkas, home just before 2 I think.

Friday went over to my mates pub, 5 of us, they were on the wine, I just had a few ciders, then onto the next place, where I had about 10 cherry brandy and cokes, they were too cheap, I had to keep having them 😛  (btw if you haven’t tried cherry brandy and coke, you gotta do it, its really nice, just like cherry coke funnily enough.)  A few more mates met up with us, so was about 10 of us now, so was good fun, met some kid I went to college with and haven’t seen for about a year, so that was cool.  Then we finished off the night somewhere else, where I had a few more pints and a few bottles of some vodka stuff.  Home about half 2 I think, didn’t really look.

Saturday didn’t start drinking till quite late, had a nice healthy fry-up for dinner and mcdonalds for tea, then back to the pub to start of the drinking with 4 cherry brandy and cokes.  About 9 went to my cousins engagement party, where started on the cider, they didn’t sell cherry brandy, so had to buy pints of coke, pour away just under half then goto my car and top it up with cherry brandy 😛  So yea that was a fun night, was wondering around the village still about 3am, when it decided to start the biggest rain storm I can remember for quite a while, so I got a little bit wet when walking home, but never mind, was all good fun 🙂

Before anyone says it, I’m not an alcoholic 😛  I just enjoy the odd occasional drink

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