Dempsfest 2008

I had a party for my 22nd Birthday on Saturday, which ended up being called Dempsfest!

Was a good laugh, did have a Bouncy Castle booked, but they cancelled it at the last minute because it was raining 🙁

Luckily I’ve got a 10m x 5m waterproof marquee thing, we all took cover under when the rain started.

I picked up two 5 gallon barrels of Black Rat Cider on saturday morning (80 Pints!)  and there were only a few drops left by morning!

Think I started drinking about 1pm, last few people went home about 2.30am, I stayed up drinking on my own for a bit and then a few mates come back who’d been out in town, ended up finishing drinking about 6am!  Little bit tired now!

Looking forward to Dempsfest 2009 already!