FileMaker Developers on Twitter

This is planning to be the biggest list of FileMaker Developers that can be found on Twitter.

I’m there on @AdamDempsey

I will update this list all the time.  If I’ve missed anyone you think should be here, then let me know!

FileMaker Staff

  • @UKFileMaker – Official Twitter for FileMaker in the UK.
  • @Kevin_At_FMI – Kevin Mallon is Senior Public Relations Manager at FileMaker Inc.

FileMaker Plugin Developers

FileMaker Groups

FileMaker Consultants

Other FileMaker People

FileMaker Websites

14 Replies to “FileMaker Developers on Twitter”

  1. Hi Adam please add me. You will find that I am on Twitter constantly and offering feedback, advice and other goodies daily, doing what I can for the greater community. I started Terra Software Corporation in 1999 and have another FileMaker oriented company in the works with a planned fall launch.

    As for Skills etc, doing FileMaker for the past 11 years and have worked on a wide variety of solution types, web systems and a few other goodies.

    Coordinate the FMPug Calgary Chapter, which needs a new home. If you happen to know anyone in Calgary with space and willing to lend it to the group that would be great.

    I can be found on twitter:

  2. OK Adam – I’m happy to be on the list too
    twitter = @robertjackson
    I have my own business RJ Plus Ltd and we have a clear focus on database and website consultancy services.

  3. Hi Adam!

    I, too, would like to be included in your list of FileMaker Developers on Twitter. I’m an independent FileMaker consultant and a certified FileMaker developer. I love FileMaker and having been building solutions and solving business problems with it since 1994 (starting with v2).

    I’m also the Coordinator for the Phoenix FMPug/FMugAZ group.

    I can be found on twitter at:

    @audreyrae and

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Audrey 🙂

  4. Hi Adam,

    I’d love to be included in your list. I’ve been using FileMaker for 8 years, and developing professionally for about 4. Currently studying to become certified.

    Specialising in the creative services industry, but also working in other sectors.

    On twitter, I’m @danstuchbury


  5. Hello! Great list, and turns out we’re following almost all of those already. 🙂

    Would you be so kind as to add @ronelstudio? Our FileMaker developer in-house has been an FMP guru since 1992, and is considered one of the top developers in Houston. I think he’s a viable asset to other FMP people!

    And also @jonathanstark, who is a brilliant FMP developer with specific expertise in FMP / PHP devel. He has been a speaker at DevCon on a couple occasions too.


    Ron Nino Batista
    Ronel Media

  6. Hi Adam,

    Please add me to your list. My twitter handle is @binaryassist

    I’m a FM Consultant and certified FM Developer in the Atlanta area. My company is Binary Assist. I also founded and lead the FileMaker Special Interest Group for the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group.



  7. Thanks for centralizing a list, Adam. I haven’t been active in the past few weeks due to a shoulder injury, but will be reactivating soon. Please add me to the list under consultants. @prosserDBHQ

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