Five things you might not know about me

Seen it on a few blogs now, so thought I may as well do it 😛

  1. Dempsey is my actual surname, its surprising how many people have asked me if its a nickname and where I got it from.
  2. I have quite a big family, with about 20 cousins and 5 2nd cousins, and about 90% of them live within 4 miles of me.
  3. In November 2002 I was diagnosed with Leukemia, been off treatment for a year now and all in clear 😀
  4. I’ve never been abroad, well I’ve been to Wales, but I don’t think that really counts 😛
  5. I don’t drink Lager/Beer, I only drink Cider and some spirits.

2 Replies to “Five things you might not know about me”

  1. Big Family? heh, Mine is bigger, and is about 2 km (miles sucks;)) away from me at the most.

    Like NanaFreak, I’m glad that your Leukaemia is all clear. (That’s the correct spelling btw :P)

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