Getting Closer

Well the job interview is getting closer, only a few days to go now.  I was reading the letter they sent me the other day and i found out i was supposed to phone them to let them know if I was going, so I had to do that a bit quick.

I went out on Friday and Saturday night, that was fun.  Friday was a mates 30th birthday do, where I somehow managed to win a dancing competition, don’t ask me how, I rekon it was a fix.

Saturday I went to a Christmas party.  Yup, a Christmas party in July we’re mad.  I’m glad I went now, was a real good laugh, quite a few  people there and they had a snow machine which was fun.  The walk home which is about a 10 minute trip took us about an hour as we had some hedge jumping competitions and traffic cone wearing on the way, which was nice.

I bought a copy of StarCraft of eBay the other day, I played it years ago but lost the CD and felt like playing it again.  I wonder how long it’ll be till I get bored of it.

I also bought a smoke machine off eBay the other day, that arrived on Saturday.  I tested it and it seems to work fine.  I’ll get to, give it a proper use on Saturday at my party, for my 19th Birthday!  woohoo, I can’t wait, should be a good laugh, all my mates (all two of them j/k), lots of booze and now with added smoke.

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