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People like statistics and Google knows this, which is why they are bringing out more Trends services across their product range. It started with the Zeigeist, which they have done for years, but lately they have started bringing out more personlised trends services.

  • Search History Trends – If you use the Search History service, you can see what your most frequest queries have been, as well as which produced the most clicks. You can also see which hours, days and months you searched the most.
  • Google Reader Trends – The Latest addition to the trends family, showing you statistics on your feed reading habits, you can see my stats here.
  • Google Music Trends – Shows what Google Talk users around the world are listening too, including chart change from the previous week. Not personlised to the user, which is maybe something they will do in the future?
  • Google Trends – Not quite the same thing, but a service opened in May 2006 which lets you compare the popularity of multiple search results, on a graph, with links to related search results using the keywords.

The Music Trends may be the most interesting, as the URL is /trends/music which to me implies that there will be other forms of trends added in the future, perhaps they will have a weekly updating search trends, similar to that of the Google Zeitgesit. What other services from Google would you like to see trends for? Here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Gmail
    • Who do you email the most / Who sends you the most emails.
    • Most frequest subjects .
    • What hours/days/months do you use email the most.
  2. Docs & Spreadsheets
    • Most /Least frequesntly edited documents.
    • Most collaborated documents.
    • What hours/days/months do you make most changes.
  3. Groups
    • Most visited groups.
    • Groups with most posts.
  4. Google Talk
    • Hours/days/months use the service the most.
    • Most chated to contacts.
    • Biggest chat logs.

I could go on and on, the possabilites are endless. But now they’ve started, it would be nice to see them bringing out more statistics for us to see. Does anyone know of any Google Trend services I’ve missed out? Or have any suggestions for any more? Leave a comment if you do. 

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