Hello 2017

I know we’re now in April but it’s my first post this year so Hello!

Decided it was about time I sorted this out a bit, so have finally updated all of the old links still pointing to demp.se/y (which I no longer own, renewal fees kept increasing).

Image links are all still broken at the moment, need to see if I can dig out an old backup to sort those.

I managed 1 post in 2016 (Interactive TV Advertising) and I don’t expect 2017 will be much better!

Partly because I don’t have a lot to say and when I do I use Twitter and Facebook instead, which obviously weren’t about when I first created a blog (which was nearly 12 years ago according to my first post!).

So yea, we’ll wait and see how much (if at all) I post during the rest of 2017!

Au revoir

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