July 2007 Earnings

Big surprise but my earnings in July were still 100% from Adsense!   Every month I say I’m going to diversify but I still haven’t got off my butt and done anything yet.

Not really worked on projects much the last month, been working on MooPlug a bit, but I’ll post more about that soon.  Also started 2 new projects!  As if I don’t have enough!  More details about them will follow soon.

So to the earnings with last months in brackets …

Account 1

Adsense for Content:  $186.57      ($228.29)

Account 2

Adsense for Content:  $845.33       ($956.96)

Referals:  $9.65    ($16.05)

July 2007 Earnings Total:   1041.55  ($1201.3)

So down about $160 this month, Account 1 is lower as I had to shut down some sites as they were too resource intensive on the server, will look into ways to rectify this.

Not sure why Account 2 is lower, but in the last few days I’ve finally started working on my main site (SoundPack DB) again, hoping to finally bring some long-time promised features and bug fixes and in the long run more/longer visits and therefore more income.  Also going to think about other ways to monetize the site, weather it be trying out different adsense positions/styles or different advertising mediums, we will soon see.

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