June 2007 Earnings

Another month over, another earnings report. However much I’ve said I’m going to try and diversify my income, its still 100% from Google Adsense.

Account 1

Adsense for Content: $228.29

Account 2

Adsense for Content: $956.96

Referals: $16.05

June 2007 Earnings Total: $1201.3

I’m hoping to disipline myself into doing some work this month so I can try get another site released, I have a few half started ones that need finishing now.

7 Replies to “June 2007 Earnings”

  1. I’m a green thumb at the blogging thing. How do you make money with Adsense at all? I haven’t earned a cent in two months.

  2. kfed – I don’t actually make the money from this blog, I make it from other sites, one of which gets a lot of daily visitors and makes me the majority of my online income.

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