June 2008 Earnings

Few days late with this, been busy with stuff. Not going to be able to work on much the next month or so, got a lot of stuff going on, but will try get some things done, hoping to release MooPlug 0.4.7 this month.

Account 1

Adsense for Content: $96.50 ($95.08)

Account 2

Adsense for Content: $612.92 ($715.60)

May 2008 Earnings Total: $708.42 ($810.68)

Decrease again this month, but thing that’s normal for summer months really, and the SoudnPack DB has been having a few problems lately, which should all be finally sorted out soon.

First account just missed the payment threshold again which is a bit annoying, but least will get paid this time as did it last month as well. Hopefully that will just sneak over the $100 mark next month.

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