June Link Time – Blogging Tips, Major Awesome + Bits & Pieces

Well it’s June, I’m sharing some links, so it must be June Link Time!

First up is Blogging Tips, which is currently running a competition with some nice prizes!

Top prize is to win a years worth of free hosting + a domain name, nice prize but doesn’t paticually interest me as I have my own server and plenty of domains 😛

The 2nd and third prizes are a blog called Zune Zag and $100 via paypal! 😀

All you have to do to enter is link to the Blogging Tips website with some specified anchor text, which is Win a year’s worth of hosting at BloggingTips.com, then on 22nd June, Google will be search and the top three sites will be the winners!

I’ve entered a bit late considering started on June 1st, but never mind 😛 Still worth a shot.

Next up is Major Awesome – I know that arcade/video/funny picture sites are a bit dime to the dozen (or whatever the phrase is :P) but I really like the design and layout of this one! Certainly got that unique, stick in your mind look about it!

Hopefully updates will keep coming and it will continue to keep me amsued through dull points in the day at work 😛

The last link out today is to Bits and Pieces, it a well updated blog collecting funny stuff from around the internet, so that we don’t have to!  Worth a look every few days or so, but don’t leave it too long between visits as the posts soon build up!

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