March 2008 Earnings

Well I’m back from my holiday and it was great fun!  Will prob post a few pictures later.  Looks like my sites did well in my absence!

Because of my holiday I am now even more skint that usual so hopefully that means I will be staying in and working on my sites more!

Account 1

Adsense for Content: $123.86  ($81.82)

Account 2

Adsense for Content: $1,032.52  ($775.15)

March 2008 Earnings Total: $1156.38  ($856.97)

Quite a nice increase of near enough $300 this month!  If I can continue to increase the income by that every month I won’t complain!  I really do plan to try and get at least one of my in-progress sites to a more usable state!

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