May Earnings

My May earnings are a bit of a mess because mid-month I switched some sites over to a second adsense account, linked to my business bank account, so they earnings are totaled from two accounts now.

The new account which I switched to on May 15th, made $758.60.

The old account made $654.55, but this will be much lower next month, as it is the highest earning sites that I moved to the other account.

So Mays total adsense earnings where $758.60 + $654.55  =   $1413.15  😀

Another good month.  I’m interested to see how June goes as it will be the first whole month with tmy sites split over multiple adsense accounts.

5 Replies to “May Earnings”

  1. very close 😀 And mine’s not 100% mine so you may have beaten me!

    If you don’t mind me asking how do you earn yours? Is it via Adsense and on what sites?

  2. All Adsense, not 100% mine either, but i get to keep 1138.23

    Revenue comes from various sites, a few around Messenger Plus! (Dutch forum / ads on the official scripts DB and such) and a few more sites i don’t like to disclose yet, nothing dodgy/blackhat tho.

  3. Ah cool. Guessed it was from there 🙂

    Mine’s from a few sites. Got a few half started sites I need to find some time to work on somewhen, sure they could bring in some more.

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