My Lucky Day

It was my lucky day on saturday, I cashed in £23 from 3 scratchcards I’d had for a week or so, bought 3 more and won another £8. Checked my EuroMillions ticket from the night before and I had 4 numbers and 1 Lucky Star, I looked it up on my phone and it said I’d won £22.80 😀 Woo! So I went back to my local shop to collect my winnings, handed over the ticket and the blokie-man said I’d won £71.20 :O Even Better! I must of looked up the winnings wrong! So I went back to the pub all impressed, put 80p in the fruit machine and won £10 straight away!! Definatley my lucky day!

Also went out my my mates that night and had a great time, so not just money-wise, but cos of having a great time with my mates and having a nice chat with a mate when we were walking home I felt really lucky on saturday 🙂 (I just read that and realised how gay it sounds but never mind :P)

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