My Must Have Software

I’ve just had to setup my new laptop at work and had to think what software I needed, so I thought I’d share my list here as a future reference for me mostly 😛

Alt-Tab Replacement – Shows window previws when switching programs.

Blindwrite – CD backup and duplication.

FileZilla – FTP Client.

Firefox – Web Browser.

GetRigh – Download manager, can still be useful for splitting large downloads.

Network Stumbler – Wireless network discovery. – Office suite.

OpenVPN GUI – VPN Client.

PuTTY + PuTTY Tray – SSH Access.

RealVNC – VNC Viewer.

Skype – VOIP.

Thunderbird – Email Client.

Universal Extractor – Extracts almost every archive format.

Visual Subst – Create virtual drives from folders, I mentioned it back in June.

WinMerge – Display file differences

Wireshark – Network packet monitor.

Firefox Extensions

I also used a few tools from NirSoft to remind me of some saved passwords etc to transfer to the new machine:

I just transfered my FileZilla accounts XML file, but if I wanted to move to a different ftp client or only move some, I could of used Password Monkey 😛

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