New Logo Designs

I was thinking about getting some more logos designed at, where I got the Stealthy Surfer logo made.

But I was going through the feeds in Google Reader and found an interesting post by Mark about getting cheap logo designs.

I had to finish my registration at the Digital Point Forums, which luckily I’d started last December, as you have to be registered more than 2 weeks and have 25 posts before you can post in the contests forum where I have posted my Logo Requests.

So if you fancy seeing what logo’s they’ve come up with and have any suggestions for which I should go for, leave me a comment.  Thanks again to Mark for the idea ! 😀

2 Replies to “New Logo Designs”

  1. I must say i like the one with the green writing and the glass with lime slice on the left. The glass should be resized to a smaller scale, would be spot on JEFFREY! 😛

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