Nothing Much

Done nothing much today, which makes a change 😛 I tidied up my desk at work, I must have been bored! 😛 Aparently there is a wall in front of my desk :O There was so much crap on the desk and on the shelf in front of me I never saw it 😛

I’ve spent some time today trying to sort out some dodgy bugs when resizing controls in Window Designer, the sizes just just about and stuff, I should get it fixed later.

I’ve also been helping out Sunshine with her new website, helping move some of her files over from her old site and sorting out the scripts with the new db etc.

Was talking to Patchou earlier, and there are a few cool improvements to the scripting feature of Messenger Plus! Live, should be quite cool to see how many people use them in their scripts. 🙂

Suppose I best get back to doing nothing.

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