I had a job interview on Monday, to be a IT Systems Administrator which would be kinda cool to get, make me sound important.  I dunno when I’ll hear back, but no doubt I’ll post on here.

Well I dunno if anyone actually cares or if anyone’s actually reading this, but in the time that I haven’t been working, I’ve been working on Extra Tools.

Who Sent It works now, so that’s another one done.  I’m just worrying about the basics for now and at a later date I’ll improve them and add options etc.

Next on the list is Recent Files, allowing you to resend the last few files you’ve sent to your contacts.  It can currently detect files sent by dragging them onto the conversation window and now I’m working on hooking the send file dialog, which is proving to be, uh fun.

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  1. Hooking MSN windows is always fun :SI know how easy it is to crash MSN too if you hook a window then decide ‘Let’s reload plugins!’ :$

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