Project Updates

Well yea kinda the point of this blog was to post updates about my projects and stuff, but that kinda hasn’t happened, but nevermind. Here’s a quick run-down:

Screenshot SenderMatty‘s the one who’s been doin all the work on this lately, but I’ve just started some work on the website, as that hasn’t been touched for months and months, so gonna get some screenshots and instructions etc up there.

SoundPack DB – I’ve made a few small changes to the site lately, nothing you’d really notice, mostly SEO stuff. But slowly working on a whole new version of the site as well, but that’s still a fair while off.

Magic Badger Alerts – This has been something I first worked on more than a year ago, but I did a bit more to it the other week, not much, but its a start 😛

Think that’s about it for now 😛

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