Stealthy Surfer

Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’ve got a small proxy site I run, called Stealthy Surfer.

It’s pretty much a out of the box proxy atm, but I’ve made a few small modifications to it already and plan on making more when I have the time, making more sites work etc. Nothing major, but so far I’ve fixed some issues with absolute positioned items overlaping on the url bar thing at the top, that should be sorted some of the time now, not all but some 😛

So yea, just thought I’d mention it and let people know it’s been updated so it can be tried out. Let me know if you have any problems with it :)  Oh yea and I got a logo made for it, what do you rekon?
Stealthy Surfer Logo

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  1. I notice on your Steathly Surfer website that you’ve removed the text from your logo design. That was a good move, because even at the larger size (above), it’s not easy to read.

    What I do notice on your other site is that detail is lost at the smaller size, such as fingers and lines on the surfboard. It’s vital that a logo can be used at small sizes without losing clarity, so for me, this one isn’t great.

  2. Yea I do agree actually, although from memory it could be my fault as I just scaled down a previous JPG I had exprted from the original file as I was on a different machine, I think I recieved the original source files which I could of made a better quality small logo from.

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