Stupid PC

Well I know officially hate my PC.  Im currently using my old 1GHz PC, which I had luckily setup on my KVM switch a few months ago but just hadn’t used, cos my main PC gave me a BSOD yesterday and just won’t boot now.

To make it worse, I can’t find my restore CDs and the Knoppix CD I made is apparently corrupted and the Linux Live CD I had won’t let me create a folder on my NTFS backup disk.

Grrr.  So I dunno what I’m gonna do now, as I may have lost all of the source code for Screenshot Sender, Extra Tools and any other stuff I’d been working on, like some of my websites.

Well never mind, I can’t really be bothered with it for now, I’ll have another go at sorting it tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah data is always recoverable unless the HD was burnt or formatted :/You should always make a backup of important data on another computer (or on a ftp) And I consider the Source code of a programm important :)If you get your data back (And I hope you do) learn the lesson and make a damn backup 😉

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