Tired Dempsey

I’ve really gotta stop going out on 4-night drinking sessions 😛  Earliest I got home thurs – sat was 1.30am, latest was 4.30am, so I’m feeling really lively and awake today 😀

Saturday night was fun, went to some do, they had lasers which were cool, a disco, dancers, 2am bar, so good fun.  Yesterday I went to see ‘HoodWinked’ which was uh fun 😛  A mix between little red riding hood and XXX, so a kinda weird combination.

I’ve said it many times, and its never really worked, but I’m going to try start staying in some weeknights, my bank balance isn’t looking too healthy nowadays.  I’ve been staying in for 2 nites a week the last few weeks, so I’m gonna try make it 3 this week :O

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