Torrent Indexing Site – Legal Grey Area?

I’ve been trying to decide on a new site for a while, which would get a lot of visitors, the first which came ot my head was a torrent indexing site, that spiders all of the main torrent sites and groups together all of their search results, like does for example.

The only thing that’s stopping me is the legality issues. I’m sure technically they are legal as I wouldn’t personally ever be hosting any torrent files, but I would be linking to them on external sites. So I’m not entirely sure if it’s ok or not.

I might try contacting my datacentre and just ask them the question, only way I’d find out! I’d much rather ask and they say I’m not allowed, than me go ahead and do it and then they disconnect my server for breaching their TOS or something.

Anyone have any thoughts on torrent sites?

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  1. Its not illegal to link to torrents. You would be basically doing the same job as google only better whereas a google search of “lost s03e22 torrent” would display a list of torrent sites.

    Still does not get round the fact that they are slow :p

    Anthony Leach
    Trading Style

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