Weekend Wedding Fun

On Saturday my cousin who’s about 2 weeks older than me, so been 21 for a month got married! Seems quite a scary thought to me but never mind.

Weather was really nice! Couldn’t of asked for much nicer. I had to go get a suit last week and I even surprised myself by keeping my tie on all day! Was sure I’d take it off as soon as we got out of the church!

The actual service went well, two sisters and best mate were bridesmaids, with one of the sisters doing a reading. Few hymns, the usual stuff.

Then it got to the bit about anyone having any legal reasons they can’t get married etc etc. Someone, who wished to remain nameless *uhem* decided to (what he thought was whisper) “he’s gay” but by the reactions of some people in the church, even those on the opposite side of the room, it wasn’t as much of a whisper as I, I mean he thought.

Luckily the vicar didn’t hear, as I found out afterwards that if he had, legally he wouldn’t of been able to continue the service aparentley, it would become legal matter with the police? Not sure if that’s true or they were just trying to make me feel bad.

The bride and groom didn’t hear when I spoke to them afterwards,but they said they did hear some people giggling and wondered why.

We then had loads of photos which were annoying but I gues they’ll look good when see them all. Then we had short walk down the road to have a meal, very nice it was too:

  • Starter: Tomato Soup
  • Main: Bangers + Mash!
  • Dessert: Chocolate Fudge Cake!

What a ace menu! Who cares about tradition! The bridge and groom chose what they liked! Next up were the speeches, all made us laugh, I got the blame for the happy couple getting together as it was at a party of mine almost exactly 4 years ago!

A few of us stayed behind to help clear up and move the tables + chairs about as the evening do was in the same place. Was a good night and as it approached the end of the night, I did what any Peter Kay fan would! Slide along the dance floor on my knees! Then my mate decided to run around the room with his arms out to the side doing an aeroplan impression!

Was definately a good day! Only thing that annoyed me was all the old people and their stupid comments: “You’ll be next then!” Uh no, I won’t, so shuttup!

Smart Dempsey in Suit

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