What A Weekend!!

Well certainly won’t be forgetting that weekend in a hurry!  It was mental!  Some welsh kids started a fight my us on the fight night and smashed a glass bottle on my mates head!  As you can imagine, a little bit of blood!

I kinda doubt we’ll get our deposit back, as between the 14 of us, we kinda made a mess of the rooms, radiators off wall, door handles broke, wardrobe doors hanging off, stuff dumped in attic, toothpaste and mud on the walls!!  But its all good 😛

I spent a few quid in the arcades, won about 10 teddys I don’t even want!   Gotta find someone to give them away to now!

So yea I obvioulsy haven’t been workin on anything over the weekend, but I’ll have some updates soon!

Messy Head

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