14 Things That Annoy Me About The iPhone

Just a rant about some things which annoy me about the iPhone!

  • Not being able to forward messages – I often use to recieve jokes which I’d send of to a few mates, can’t do this anymore!  I imagine this is something which will get added eventually, it’s not exactly rocket science!
  • Bluetooth only supporting Hands-Free Profile (HFP) and Headset Profile (HSP), not Basic Imaging Profile (BIP), File Transfer Profile (FTP), and Object Push Profile (OPP), meaning you can only use the bluetooth to connect to headsets, not send or recieve files from friends or even sync via bluetooth to my computer.  I’m not sure if it’s a hardware issue, or I expect it’s just limited by software so possibly in the future this could change!
  • No MMS.  I didn’t think that I actually used multimedia messages that often, but in the last few weeks that I’ve had my iPhone I know of at least 3 or 4 times where people have asked if I’ve recieved a picture they’ve sent me which I didn’t even know about!
  • Not being able to edit the auto-complete dictionary.  It’s quite useful that it corrects some of my mistypes, but I often shorten some of my words so I can type quicker, for example ‘bk’ always gets changed to ‘jk’ which annoys me!
  • Considering it’s basically an iPod with phone features added, the built-in speakers don’t go very loud at all!  My Nokia N95 was much much better in that view.
  • I have many multiple phone numbers saved under one contact name for Facebook, but even though they are all from the same contact, messages from all the different numbers show up as different coversations in the SMS app, how hard would it be to at least have an option to group them by contact and not just by number.
  • A 2 megapixel camera and not even a flash?  Seriously?  Even my Nokia N80 which I had 2 years ago had a 3 megapixel camera with a decent flash!
  • No removeable battery.  Not a masive issue, but for previous phones I always used to keep a spare battery which I would charge and take with me if I knew I’d be without access to a charger.  Also a friend recentley dropped his iPhone in a sink of water, normally you’d remove the battery and leave it to dry out, but obviously he couldn’t do that and his phone was ruined.
  • No call recording, this isn’t really something I’d necesarily expect to be built in, but I’m surprised there’s nothing in the AppStore to be able to do this, unless using the SDK it isn’t possible, I’m not sure.
  • Not being able to sync between multiple computers, I have different selections of Music at both home and work and it would be nice if I could sync both lots of them to my iPhone, but instead I had to burn a dvd of the music, take it home and then sync it all from the one computer.
  • Not sure if this is a SDK issue or down to the App developer, but I noticed with a few games I was playing that if I recieve a SMS it shows on top, blocking the screen and making me lose the game.  Surely the game could pause or something similar?
  • When updating applications from the AppStore, why do all the new icons have to go to the end?  I put them in the order I wanted so why do you change that?  How hard would it be to update them and leave them where I want?
  • No clipboard?  Surely this is something which will get added in a future firmware update.  I often used to copy a number from my contacts and paste it into a new message to send to people, annoying I can’t do anything similar now.
  • Custom Ringtones.  How hard would it be just to let me choose a MP3 or AAC file to use as a ringtone?  It’s my phone and I want to choose what I want to alert me to a phone call or message!  I know there are workarounds to create .M4R files, but we shouldn’t need to.

Just a bit of a rant about somethings which annoyed me about the iPhone, we’ll see if any of the issues improve over time with updates!

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  1. its really nice that i finally find someone who really shares me about these problems , it is bretty annoying not to find these features on that amazing phone from apple which used to give an extra quality products

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