What’s Your Oldest Domain?

I was just having a look at some of my domains and wondered what my oldest registered domain is.

It’s Killer Carrot and I first registered it back in February 2003!  I did have two other .co.uk domains as well, I had CrazyBadger.co.uk first but I didn’t renew that and let it slip a few years ago now.  The third was GiantFerret.co.uk, which I now have the .net version of.

Not sure why my domain registrations were all so random back then!  Guess I’m just a bit weird!

I never used it much apart from before Screenshot Sender got its own website.

I think my next oldest domain that I actually still use would be the SoundPack DB, but that was only registered in March 2005, seems much longer sometimes!

What’s your oldest domain you still own?

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