A Productive Day

Project wise I think yesterday was my most productive for a long time!  I was looking at some stats in Google Analytics and I found that two sites I bought about 6 months ago which had default WordPress Installs with 1 post on each had been getting some traffic!  Not thousands of hits a day, but still traffic!

So I upgraded them to the latest versions of wordpress and the plugins and found them both a new theme, tweaked them a bit and I am now planning to add some content to them over the next few weeks.  If they were getting traffic when there were no posts, surely it will only continue once there’s some content!

I’ve come to a bit of a halt with Lightscribe Images, I’m not sure if using Gallery2 was the best choice, I did start with Plogger and then moved from that but now I think I should of gone with a CMS with a gallery module rather than a Gallery script which I’m now trying to add a lot of user features to.  We’ll see, I think I’m going to stick with Gallery2 now as I have already done a fair bit of work on it.  Once the site’s in a usable state I think I’m goingo run a competition to try get people submiting images to it.

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