Coke + Phones = :( Part Two

This part two post is second to one I wrote all the back in august 2006!  You’d think I would of learnt my lesson and made sure I kept my phones well away from glasses of coke!  Well yea you’d think that!

Today I was sat playing Wii when I heard my Nokia N95 (which I’ve only had around a month) get message, and vibrate off the table it was on.  Once I’d finished the game I was playing a few minutes later I say my phone top first down in a glass of coke!  Not good!  Took it straight out and dried and it didn’t seem too bad!

After checking it out it seems to generally be working fine now, except the phone call speaker volume seems quieter, bluetooth doesn’t work at all and the screen has water behind it and it’s spreading!  Not very good!

I’m going to try leave it out to dry over night and see how it is tomorrow.  If only I could find where in my two rooms of mess where I’d left my old phone!

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