Adam Dempsey Number 1 Again! has regained it’s place at number one spot in Google :D  It hover around at position 2 and 3 for a while, but now it’s back at the top 😀

I don’t think I’ve got many more backlinks the last few weeks, but the PageRank Increase from PR0 to PR2 must of helped!

I just checked and it is also currentley number one in and number 5 in Yahoo!  Will have to try see if I can impove the Yahoo results. doesn’t seem to find the site at all!

This blog is number 3 in Google for ‘Adam Dempsey’ atm, with the 2nd place spot being taken by, which was what previously had the number one position.  Would be nice to have both the 1st and 2nd results!

3 Replies to “Adam Dempsey Number 1 Again!”

  1. hey my names also adam dempsey. im sure your website is number one in google searching because of all the people searching for me! 😉


  2. Hi Adam 🙂

    I guess you found this by searching for your our name?

    Maybe I should start a guest to find all the Adam Dempseys 😀

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