April 2008 Earnings

Another month has flown past!  We’re a third of the way through the year now!  Scary!

I did quite well at staying in this month, didn’t go out quite as much as usual, but I didn’t use all of the time working on stuff, I had mates over playing Wii and watching films, so it’s all good.

I didn’t get any sites releasable as such but I have done a few bits on some of them and have started working on an old project again, more info on that soon!  I’ve also been quite busy working on the Subdomains Category plugin, which I am hoping to fix the last few known issues with soon.

The money…

Account 1

Adsense for Content: $119.69  ($123.86)

Account 2

Adsense for Content: $860.09   ($1,032.52)

April 2008 Earnings Total:  $ 979.78  ($1156.38 )

The original account has stayed pretty consistant this month which is good, looks like it will just about stay above the payment threshold each month now.

I did kind of expect the main account to dip slightly after the big increase last month and I have been expriementing with some different Advert systems a bit but they didn’t work out.   I’m still chuffed with this months figures 🙂

I’ve just added Adsense to one of my existing sites which has been plodding along slowly gaining more visitors, so we’ll see if that makes any differences to next months total!

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