Current MooPlug Progess – Mac Version On Way!

So now that MooPlug 0.4.6 has been released I am already working on the next version!  I have finally got a Mac setup and have started working on the OS X version which has been much requested!  MooPlug now compiles on a Mac, but the only working function is Moo_Version, but it’s a start!

It will be a good few months before there’s anything even remotely usable really as the vast majority of the plugin will have to be re-written to work on a Mac!  And as this is my first Mac C++ project, it won’t be a quick job!

I have also been working on some SEO for the MooPlug website, improving the actual site itself and get some incoming links, so I’ll keep an eye on wether that makes any difference.

The next thing I am currently woring on for the Windows version of MooPlug is progress dialogs for some functions such as Moo_FTPDownload and Moo_ZipCompress, which obvioulsy become more useful when working with larger files.  Just testing out some code atm, next stage is to integrate it with the MooPlug code, expect some screenshots soon!

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