MooPlug 0.4.6 Released

I have just released MooPlug 0.4.6!

This release is mostly lots of small fixes and optimisations, but a lot of work went into improving Moo_ZipCompress in this release.

Full changlog:

  • Added new functions:
    • Moo_PrinterDefault – (Note: doesn’t effect FileMaker printing.)
    • Moo_PrinterList
  • Fixed Moo_DialogColour – bFull wasn’t working.
  • Moo_DialogColour, Moo_DialogFile and Moo_DialogFolder are now all shown modal to FileMaker.
  • Fixed possible crashes in Moo_FolderList, Moo_ProcessList and Moo_ZipList.
  • Fixed missing return value from Moo_FolderExists.
  • Changed Moo_FileCreate to Moo_FileWrite.
  • Moo_ZipCompress changes:
    • Now supports the zipping of folders.
    • An output file can now be specified as 2nd parameter.
    • Input file filters are supported, eg *.txt
    • Boolean 4th Parameter bFolderName added, when set to false files added from folders get added to the root of the zip file.
    • Files can be overwritten in a zip file. bOverwrite now means wether internal files in the zip are overwritten, not the zip file itself.
  • Numerous small fixes and optimisations.
  • Updated Documentation.

If you have any problems with this release then let me know 🙂

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