Delayed Post

Yea I’ve already done what I knew I would, forget about and not post for a while.  I wasn’t just being Lazy, I just haven’t done much to talk about.  Haven’t got much programming stuff done, had to go out quite a bit.

Was the last night of landlord in my local, so had some live music till 2am, that was a good night, shame to see them go though, they were really nice.  Had to drink WKDs all nigh though, only thing they had I couldnt drink, but didn’t get me pissed, had about 10 of them and half a botte of cherry brandy before I went out.  Finished my night off with a bacon butty at a mates.

One of my mates passed her driving test yesterday and another finished her current job, so had to goto pub to celebrate with both of them, only had half a cider though, very not like me 😛

New people start in the pub tonight, so gotta go down and see them.  First 50 people get a free drink, I’m not gonna bother runshing there though, they ran out of cider on friday night and doubt they gonna any more in 🙁

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