Firefox Extensions

Everyone else seems to do it, so I thought I’d just share with the world the extensions I use in my trusty web browser.

Web DeveloperThe Web Developer extension is like the swiss army extension, it does pretty much what it says on the tin and gives you loads of information about a webpage and allows you to view cookies, highlight elements and loads of other useful stuff. I’ve found it most useful when I’m making a new design and it’s not quite working, so I outline all DIVs and then can see where I’ve gone wrong.


This is basically a ruler you can drag about on top of web pages to find out how big stuff is in pixels. Great for measuring how big an image needs to be and stuff. Its quick to access, in the bottom left of the status and it does the job it’s intended for very well. Would be a great addition to the Web Developer extension, it’s a shame it’s not included already.


This is another great extension which saves me loads of time looking up colours from my CSS files, I just have to click the ColorZilla icon and hover over the colour I want the hex code for and as if by magic it appears in the status bar. It also includes a full colour picker which can be very useful, rather than having to have additional software to pick it, as I always have my browser running, so its quick access.

HTML Validator

This is a great quick and easy way to see if a web page is using validated HTML/XHTML code. An icon in the status bar is either a green tick if it passes, a red cross if there’s errors or a yellow exclamation point for warnings. Nice and simple and does the job well.


As you can probibly guess from the name, this is just a simple extension for both Fireofx and Thunderbird which lets you miniisethe prgram to the system tray, removing the taskbar entry amd saving up some room. I find it paticulary useful for Thunderbird, which I have running all day to catch emails, but only actually use it for a short part of the day,so it just sits by the clock out of the way.

Adsense Notifier

Adsense Notifier simply adds a small status bar area where you can easily keep an eye on your adsense earnings, with lots of options with what to show/hide etc, very useful.


This simple extensions changes the defaut error page to something a little more user friendly, with some handly links to retry loading the site, pinging the server or trying to find a cached copy.